Top 5 Things To Do In Temple Hills To Have Fun In 2018

Temple hills is an incorporated area and a suburb of Washington DC.

It's located in Prince George's County, Maryland and was named after Dr. Edward Temple who lived in Moor Park beside Henson Creek in 1860's. The area boasts of duplexes, single family communities built from 1950's-1970's and a lot of garden apartments. Here are exciting places you can visit while in Temple Hills, MD.

1. International Spy Museum

The museum is dedicated to history, trade craft and features international espionage artifacts. Over 750 artifacts are usually on public display. Some of the exhibits include 'School for Spies' which introduces the trade craft of espionage while describing the skills and tools that are essential to a spy and 'Spies Among Us' which exhibits videos and films examining espionage through World War II while teaching different ways of creating, breaking and hiding coded messages. The museum charges admission fees.
The permanent collection traces espionage's history from the Roman and Greek empires, World Wars and present day espionage. The museum also has 'Operation Spy'; an interactive exhibit where you'll assume the role of covert agents when you visit and take part in Hollywood style spy simulation.

2. George Washington's Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon was Washington's plantation house. It's opened to the public daily throughout the year. When you visit Mount Vernon, you'll be shown Washington's study room which was only restricted to a few people in the 18th Century. The room served as a bathroom, office and dressing room for Washington. You'll also find Washington's family portraits and former possessions, an education center and a museum exhibiting Washington's clothing, weapons and survey equipment. The house is made of wood in a loose Palladian style.

3. Smithsonian National Zoo Park

It will only take you 20 minutes by Metro from the National Mall to reach the park. It doesn't charge admission fees. The park offers interesting educational programs, excitement and family fun. It's divided into two sections: The first section is a 163 acre urban park located in northwest Washington DC while the other section is a 3,200 acre referred to as Smithsonian Conservation and Research Center (SCBI) located in Front Royal Virginia. However, SBCI is for propagating rare species and training wildlife professionals. It isn't open to the public. The national zoo contains over 2,000 animals and is home to giant pandas, gorillas, lions among other animals.

4. National Mall

The mall is home to iconic landmarks such as the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.The Washington Monument was built in remembrance of George Washington; US first President while the Lincoln Memorial was built to honor Abraham Lincoln; US 16th President.

5. National Cherry Blossom Festival

The festival symbolizes the arrival of spring which brightens the area near the Jefferson Memorial with their white and pale pink flowers. It's a traditional that showcases over 3,000 cherry trees. The festival does also feature over 200 cultural performances from different countries. You'll find something that will excite you at the event since exhibits, sports, arts and cuisine are usually featured. You can take a stroll to enjoy the beautiful views of the cherry trees and the city's iconic landmarks. Also remember to carry a camera to take some photos.