Top 5 Things To Do In Alexandria To Have Fun In 2017

On A Weekend in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is an awesome city to visit any time of the year whether on a season-long vacation or a weekend getaway. No matter the time of the year, there's always something that will tickle your fancy when you visit. It provides the perfect backdrop for experiencing history, nature and fine dining bundled into one unforgettable experience. With over 200 sunny days and summer temperatures reaching highs of around 88 degrees, the city is always busy with activity all year round. Want in on the fun the city has to offer? Here are five things you can do on a weekend in Alexandria, VA.

Art Viewing at the Torpedo Art Factory Center

Don't miss a chance to view some of the finest artworks at the Torpedo Art Factory Center. The building itself is a landmark, having played host to some of the most iconic artists in history. Experience a personalized, up close and inside view of artwork in progress. Pieces on display include paintings, photography, sculptures and ceramics among several others.

Sight-Seeing in Old Town

Almost every other historic landmark in Alexandria is located in Old Town. It holds the key to America's post-war political history, as some of the buildings' origins date back to our founding fathers. Enjoy a stroll up and down King Street where you can shop in the many world-renowned boutiques and merchant stores.

Civil War History Walking Tour of Alexandria

Spare just an hour to visit some of the most historic houses built in the 17th and 18th century. During the tour, get to listen to some of the most legendary and exciting stories of our founding fathers as you stand on the very same grounds history was made. The hour-long tour will take you through over 250 years of history.

Experience Nature's Best at Huntley Meadows Park

The park is an awesome location for bird enthusiasts, animal lovers and anyone who likes nature in its finest form. Fancy a walk through the wetlands as you view exotic wild animals, birds, and greenery? That would be an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Afterwards, you can sample some fine wining and dining at the nearby restaurants and eateries as the kids spend time at the kids' park.

Boat Riding at Old Town Waterfront

The Old Town Waterfront is an awesome location for photography, boat rides, dining or just watching the people and boats move around the waterfront. You can also catch a water taxi to Mount Vermon, as you watch the awesome view provided by the Patomac River. Enjoy a charming view of the sunset as you dine in one of the restaurants or bars at the waterfront.
There's a lot more to see and experience in Alexandria VA while on a fun-packed weekend getaway to Alexandria. The weather is always friendly throughout the year and you can't miss something to do while in the historic city. Be sure to check out these five places among others as you experience the best Alexandria has to offer.