2017 Must See Landmarks In Alexandria VA

Top five best landmarks in Alexandria

To say that Alexandria is rich in history would be an understatement. Due to its proximity to Washington DC, the city shares a piece of the rich American history. These landmarks played a huge role in shaping America's post-colonial era, and each of them has been safely preserved as national landmarks. If you ever find yourself in Alexandria, these are the top five best landmarks to visit.

The George Washington National Museum

If you want to experience a piece of history about our founding father, visit the George Washington National Museum. Located just 7 miles south of Downtown DC, its artistry and architecture derive inspiration from the famed Lighthouse of Alexandria, in Egypt. There's definitely a lot to see inside the 333ft tall, $600m historic landmark.

Christ Church

One of the few churches to have survived the Civil War, the Christ Church was constructed by the Anglican Congregation some 250 years ago. It's still a significant part of the history behind Virginia's colonial churches. Many of our founding fathers including Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt made it a tradition to attend a service at the church. It is an awesome site to visit on a warm summer afternoon while you get to enjoy a little piece of the events that shaped America's religious background.

Little Theatre of Alexandria

Founded by Mary Lindsey some eight decades ago, the Little Theatre of Alexandria is one of the most beloved landmarks in Alexandria. It is popularly known for staging some pretty interesting one-act playwriting competition. In fact, it launched the careers of some of the most iconic playwrights including Rich Orloff and Jacob M. Chapel. Get to witness the genius works of some of the most accomplished playwrights in history.

Torpedo Factory Art Center

Fancy visiting the country's largest publicly accessible working artist studio? Then check out the Torpedo Factory Art Center. It is home to some of the most expensive and finest pieces of legendary and exotic artworks. The center is home to 82 artists' studios, several galleries, and workshops with some marvelous pieces of artifacts including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, photography and so much more.

Carlyle House

One of the most historic mansions in Virginia has to be the Carlyle House in Alexandria. The mansion was built in 1752 by Scottish merchant John Carlyle. It was built during the civil war and is a treasured part of the Civil War. Some of America's war generals and heroes called the mansion home, and you can also take a walk through the Carlyle House Historic Park within the mansion's compound.

Old Town

Alexandria, more specifically the historic ''Old Town'' is no doubt one of the most significant cities in the country's political history, with some of the most iconic landmarks calling the 15.5 square mile city home. So, if you happen to visit Alexandria, take time and enjoy America's history, and after that indulge in the finest cuisines and dishes form the hotels, restaurants. The best thing is, most of the city's major attractions are compact and are just a walking distance away from each other.