Learn About The History Of Woodlawn MD


There are plenty of census-designated places in Maryland, and Woodlawn, MD is one of them. Covering an area of 9.6 miles, Woodlawn is a town with a low population which automatically means less congestion, traffic and a better place to reside or take a weekend getaway. It has a population of approximately 37,000 people, and there is not much history behind its making. If you don't know that much about it but you wish to go there, below is an in-depth view of Woodlawn MD's history, facts and a few of the best places which will help you get acquainted with it.

The history of Woodlawn MD

Also famous for being the headquarters of the Social Security Administration, Woodlawn MD is under Baltimore County, and as mentioned earlier it began as a census-designated area, and thus the people here live as an independent community or in other terms unincorporated. It dates back to the year 1904 and is surrounded by some famous cities such as Baltimore city on its east, Catonsville on its south and even counties such as Howard on its west. Theory has it that the Woodlawn MD rose to prominence after the social security administration established its headquarters there and hence attracting hordes of business people and entrepreneurs who saw it as an opportunity to grow.

Also, its location is another factor which led to more people coming in because as mentioned earlier, it is surrounded by preeminent towns and counties. Thanks to that, it is easily accessible by those who work at SSA and also those who want to lead a simple off-grid life. Thanks to these factors, its popularity continues to increase as the days goes by, and if you are a business person, this is the perfect time to invest because it is still growing and is bursting with plenty of fresh opportunities waiting to be tapped. According to the 2010's census, Woodlawn MD had roughly 37,879 people and more than fourteen thousand households, but according to a survey conducted by a particular renowned company, Woodlawn had an average population of 40,390. That therefore means that it is still growing. Another fact which is also contributing to its growth is because it has highly developed infrastructure and road routes which make it effortless for people to commute from Woodlawn to other parts of Maryland through public transportation means such as buses.

Woodlawn MD must-see landmark

Woodlawn Museum Commonly referred to as the black mansion, this Woodlawn museum is a must-see for visitors who come to Woodlawn MD. It dates back to early 1800's and belonged to a man known as John Black which is where it got its nickname from. It packs a lot of attractions and also plenty of activities which visitors can pass the time with. For instance, there are numerous hiking trails, plenty of gardens to relax or picnic on and if they like they can take themselves on a tour of the house or play croquet. It lies on a 180-acre piece of land, and some of the antiques include sleighs and carriages.
The black mansion boasts an ancient style which adds the nostalgic feeling of stepping back into history not to mention how social the people in Woodlawn MD are. They will make you feel as if you are at home and visitors go home with a new list of friends.