The Happiest Time of the Year!

The Happiest Time of the Year in Germantown MD

girl giving thumbs up

Finally it's here: The Happiest Time Of The Year! Our kids are back in school! Life and our routines can get back to normal.

Unfortunately for our kids, that means for many of the overloaded backpacks. Did you know that a developing spine should only carry 10% of it's body weight in a backpack? Think about that. An 80 lbs child should only carry an 8 lbs backpack. I wouldn't doubt if only one of their text books approached that amount. This can lead to neck and back pain at what most of use would consider way too early of an age. Just yesterday at my office, Cramer Chiropractic & Rehab in Germantown, MD I saw an 8 year old boy with neck pain which was a result of his backpack. Now the good news is young people tend to get better quickly, but to maintain that improvement there are changes he will likely have to make. I recommended a rolling backpack to help elevate the strain on his young spine, and decreasing the load he carries.

Pick up your child's backpack and see how heavy it is. Maybe there are things you can take out of it to lighten their load. If your child starts to complain of pain, call a Chiropractor in Germantown, we would not want a too heavy backpack being the catalyst starting a lifetime of problems and pain.

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