The Dangers of Mosquitoes in Woodlawn and More Natural Ways to Repel Them

The Dangers of Mosquitoes in Woodlawn and More Natural Ways to Repel Them


Mosquitoes are more than just those little pesky blood suckers that ruin the family barbecue and leave you with red itchy bumps.  Mosquitoes carry many diseases that can cause severe and permanent health conditions and even death.  What do most of us do?  We spray or rub ourselves with engineered chemicals that also can also cause significant health issues when used over time.  Mosquitoes=Bad.  Chemicals=Bad.  At Barrett Family Chiropractic in Woodlawn, MD we can help you learn more about mosquito borne diseases and how to keep those little guys away using more natural and healthy solutions.

As mentioned above, mosquitoes can cause many diseases.  In the USA the most common are West Nile Virus, Zika and certain forms of encephalitis.  West Nile Virus can cause pain, weakness, paralysis (usually of one extremity), encephalitis, meningitis and even in rare cases, death.  Zika is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and it can result in their unborn child having moderate to severe birth defects or even stillbirth.  Encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain.  As the brain tissue swells it can put pressure on blood vessels either starving the brain of oxygen or causing a backup of blood resulting in clots or aneurysms. Mosquito bites in Woodlawn can be much more than just a minor inconvenience.

One of the best ways to avoid mosquito bites around your own yard is to find ways to keep them out of your yard.  Plant some lemongrass and lavender.  Not only will these plants enhance the beauty of your garden in Woodlawn but mosquitoes and other bugs don\'t like them.  Put the plants strategically around your yard and those little buggers will prefer your neighbor\'s yard to your own.  Other plants that help repel mosquitoes are basil (also yummy in the recipes), citronella (not just the candles) and catnip (and your neighborhood cats will be thrilled).  This is a great start but it won\'t eliminate mosquitoes completely and there will be times you are away from your yard and you are still a target for bugs.  What else can you do?

Here are a few more direct but natural methods to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.  These are things you can apply directly to your skin so your protection will go wherever you go.  Many of these things are essential oils.  Just remember not to put the essential oil directly on your skin.  These oils must be diluted by a \"carrier oil\" in order to be safe and to not cause skin irritation.  Usually one ounce of a carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil with 3-5 drops of your essential oil will do the trick.  There are many resources in Woodlawn to help you use essential oils properly and safely.  Lavender oil can be used and it will do the same as the lavender plants in your yard, not to mention it will help keep you relaxed and you\'ll smell great!  Lemon eucalyptus oil is a great alternative to slathering chemicals onto your skin.  Eucalyptus oil has actually been approved by the CDC as an effective additive to bug and mosquito sprays.  Catnip oil is also a great alternative and, according to the CDC it is excellent at sending mosquitoes packin\', not to mention that every neighborhood cat will want to be your best friend.

Just remember, here at Barrett Family Chiropractic in Woodlawn, MD, we are not here just to take care of your neck and back pain.  We can help with many musculoskeletal conditions and nerve pain.  It is our goal to also help you understand other ways to keep yourself and your family healthy, such as helping you avoid chemicals that could be harmful to you.  Please give us a call for a same day appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Barrett.  You\'ll be glad you did!

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