Text Neck and Chiropractic Care in Rockville

Text Neck and Chiropractic Care in Rockville

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

The average American spends up to 9 hours a day in front of some form of screen, be that a TV, smartphone or computer. Even children are unable to avoid spending at least two hours per day staring at screens. Staring down at the phone or computer puts additional weight on the cervical spine. The average human head weighs 12 pounds and even the smallest tilt forward into flexion increase the amount of weight being supported by your spine significantly. Due to this poor posture, more patients are complaining of symptoms in their neck and shoulder area. Chiropractors in Rockville are calling this presentation of symptoms \'tech neck\' because it is mainly caused by technology. This poor posture may lead to increased tightness throughout the neck, upper back and shoulder area as well as disc damage and the possibility of a pinched nerve.

Overcoming Text Neck in Rockville MD

The easiest way to prevent \'tech neck\' is to decrease time spent in front of screens followed by chiropractic treatment which can not only relieve symptoms but help correct poor posture which is frequently the underlying problem. When performed properly, the chiropractic neck adjustment is safer and better for a patient\'s health with the benefit of having almost zero side effects that are commonly associated with prescription drugs. Using advanced anatomical knowledge, a chiropractor will properly alleviate neck pain. The chances of medical emergencies caused by a wrong neck adjustment are extremely rare compared to the thousands of deaths caused by opioids and other prescription drugs deemed safe.

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