Summertime Travel Tips From Your Laurel Chiropractor

Summertime Travel Tips From Your Laurel Chiropractor

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Many families in Laurel take advantage of the summer season off school to take trips. For patients who might be fighting back or neck pain, or who have frequent flare-ups of musculoskeletal pain, these trips can come with some trepidation. Although vacations are relaxing, there might be some stressors during travel that detract from its enjoyableness. At Laurel Regional Chiropractic, patients are always encouraged to take these stress-reducing trips, but to keep a few things in mind. A routine visit to your chiropractor before your trip can be like giving your car a once-over before embarking on a long road-trip. Addressing any common or nagging musculoskeletal complaints before you start that 8 hour drive or that 6 hour cramped flight is important!

While on your trip it is also helpful to keep a few body-friendly tips in mind. Using a portable inflatable lumbar pillow or rolled up towel in Laurel can help to provide lumbar support when sitting in the car or on an aircraft. Whether driving or flying, try to walk every 2-3 hours. If you know you'll feel best after walking all day if you can put a heating pad on your back or neck, bring one along! It's better to take up a little luggage room that enduring days of an aching back or neck. Likewise, if you are generally uncomfortable sleeping on any pillow but your own, it could be in your best interest to bring it along. You may be able to call ahead to your hotel and ask if they might have specific types of pillows that you know work best for you.

There are a ways to make travel a little more manageable in Laurel for patients who experience musculoskeletal pain, and working with your chiropractor at Laurel Regional Chiropractic can help you alleviate some of that pain. Once you return home, another visit to the chiropractor to re-assess your complaints or to just get you back to normal might be just what you need to cap off a relaxing trip!

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