Do You Suffer From Low Back Pain?

Do You Suffer From Low Back Pain?

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At any given time one in five Americans has lower back pain. (And the last time I checked, Germantown, MD is still in the USA) Over the course of our lifetimes 80-85% of us will have low back pain, yet only 15% of those will seek care. Ironically, it is the second most common reason to see a doctor, after the common cold. Costs for the care of low back pain is rising, along with the addiction to opioids, which often seem to be prescribed like candy.

How To Overcome Low Back Pain in Germantown MD

This country spends an estimated $35 billion on expenditures for lower back pain, and that does not even include the indirect costs: lost wages, productivity, disability payments, etc. Chiropractic is a cost effective approach to low back pain:

  • A health insurance plan with a chiropractic benefit had lower costs than a plan without it. A study reported in the American Medical Association\'s journal found health plans that included a chiropractic benefit had 31 percent fewer back surgeries and 15 percent lower per capita hospital costs. The study compared 700,000 health plan members with chiropractic benefits to 1 million members without chiropractic benefits in California, and showed that overall health care expenditures were lower in the group with chiropractic coverage. Source: Archives of Internal Medicine, October 2004.
  • Immediate access to chiropractic care after an injury results in the most effective outcome, medically and financially. A peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, January 2004, stated: \". . . We found that patients who were seen by chiropractors during the initial episode of care were less likely to have a surgery, and had a shorter average duration of the initial episode.\"

The need for high quality lower cost care is clear. And to me, Chiropractic care in Germantown is the obvious answer.

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