Stop Touching Your Face


Stop Touching Your Face

Here is some advice gathered by our Rockville chiropractor on how to stay healthy in the wake of the corona virus. One of the best ways to prevents viral or bacterial infections from spreading is to avoid touching your face. In the U.S., in one study it was found that individuals were touching their face 3.6 times an hour, and almost half of the face touches involved contact with a mucous membrane such as the eyes and mouth- which are the pathways for viruses.

Humans deposit all sorts of bacteria and viruses on objects as rails and light switches and when others touch those objects, you have a \"30-50%\" chance of picking up those organisms. The WHO and CDC has been warning people to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands- as this is one way that the corona virus can be transmitted.

Frequent and proper hand washing is vital and the second best way to prevent getting an infection ( with getting vaccinated being the best way).
Always wash your hands for a full 20 seconds using warm water and soap- and not necessarily anti-bacterial soap as that can actually encourage drug resistant bacteria to develop, and use a paper towel or hand dryer instead of a reusable towel, which can harbor bacteria.
Talk with your health care provider or contact your chiropractor at ABC for further tips on how to stay heathy and avoid the spread of the corona virus.


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