Sprained Ankles in Baltimore: Care and Preventive Measures

Sprained Ankles in Baltimore: Care and Preventive Measures

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Spraining an ankle during activity is a common malady facing humans because our entire weight is placed upon the ankles when we are standing in the upright posture. However, just because sprained ankles are common injuries does not mean they are trivial occurrences. On the contrary, sprained ankles are a serious, debilitating, and potentially expensive problem.

Treatment for ankle sprain should go way beyond the often quoted implementation of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Just because the pain of an ankle sprain may go away within a week or two does not mean that long-term disability or problematic ankle functioning goes away with the pain.

In the United States, more than one million people present to emergency rooms across this nation because of ankle injuries. But that is not the worst of this underreported phenomenon. Up to 50% of patients suffering "routine" ankle sprains will develop long-term ankle pain and diminished functioning in that ankle.

This is not a statistic to be taken lightly because approximately 30% of the people who develop long-term ankle pain and diminished functioning progress to chronic instability of the involved ankle. Unfortunately, chronic instability of the ankle can occur with the first lateral ankle sprain (the most common type) they suffer.

But, there is much that can be done to support a chronically unstable ankle as well as to prevent an ankle sprain from occurring in the first place. You local Doctor of Chiropractic can fit you for orthotics to aid ankle stability, utilize rehabilitation directed toward nerve activation and muscular control, utilize various physical therapeutic modalities to aid in rapid and supportive healing.
Orthotics are particularly important for athletes because they suffer a high percentage of ankle sprains. Properly fitted orthotics can help prevent the occurrence of ankle sprains and prevention is still worth a pound of cure to quote an old but very true saying. Why suffer even temporary debilitation if it can be avoided?

Do not delay. Contact your local Baltimore MD Doctor of Chiropractic today because measures for preventing debilitating ankle sprains must be taken before you suffer the injury that may result in permanent ankle instability. And your local Doctor of Chiropractic can help immensely if you already suffer from ankle instability.

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