Nationals’ Chiropractor Helps Get Scherzer Back on Mound

Nationals\' Chiropractor Helps Get Scherzer Back on Mound

Scherzer Back On the Mound with Chiropractic Care

"\'Our chiropractor, he does amazing work. He was able to go in there and make adjustments. We did two treatments of it and really freed up the neck.' - Scherzer last night at the World Series.\"  Reading this quote this morning did my heart good.  As a chiropractor here in Woodlawn, Maryland for the past 20+ years I am a diehard Baltimore Orioles fan.  I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC and recently moved midway between Washington and Baltimore so I always enjoy watching a good Nat\'s game, especially when it\'s a World Series Game!  Max Scherzer is a great pitcher and when he had to miss his scheduled start due to neck and back spasms it had players and fans on the edge of their seats.  He had to miss a crucial game but how awesome is it that he is going to be back in the game tonight with help from chiropractic!

For many years professional athletes have relied on chiropractic to get healthy, stay healthy and recover more quickly from injuries.  Every professional sports team in the US has a team chiropractor for just this reason.  With top players earning such high salaries owners want their players on the field and not on the bench or, worse yet, on the couch loaded with opioids, other narcotic pain killers and muscle relaxers.  For the team is about winning and economics.  These franchises are businesses.

Are you worth less to yourself than Max Scherzer is to the Washington Nationals?  I don\'t think so.  Your household can likened to a business and if you, the employee, are not able to perform your job and your normal daily activities then your business is not going to be profitable…meaning your household will suffer.  Keep in mind there is an emotional component to pain as well and you don\'t want to pay the price of being in pain and not living to your fullest.  Parents want to be able to tie their little one\'s shoes and run and play and pick them up without feeling like they have to skip those things because of pain or the worry about causing pain. Who wants to struggle to do the things in life that are enjoyable just because of pain or limitations of your body?  Who wants to miss a day of work and spend a \"sick day\" because going to work while in pain is too much for that day?  No one does!

So, take it from Max and the Washington Nationals, get back in the game and stay in the game!  Come see your Woodlawn, Maryland Chiropractor and get back to the things you want and need to do.  You can get an appointment with Dr. Barrett at Barrett Family Chiropractic by calling (410) 265-9911.  We can usually see you the same day that you call!  How\'s that for World Series worthy care!

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