Pregnancy and Your Back

Pregnancy and Your Back

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Sorry, gentlemen, this one\'s for the ladies…

Usually around the middle to end of your second trimester of pregnancy you start to notice some pretty significant, and often worsening, aches and pains. There are two main reasons for this: 1. A change in your center of gravity as your baby grows and 2. HORMONES! Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about either of those things.

Your baby is doing his or her job, growing, and you are doing your job, keeping that baby safe in your tummy. It\'s the tummy part that is the problem. As the baby grows your center of gravity starts to change and move forward putting more forward \"pull\" and strain on your lower back. Your abdominal muscles are stretching and so they are less able to help support your core which further compromises your lower back. As you enter the third trimester the baby puts on weight even faster which really gets your lower back, and often the mid to upper back, aching.

Now for the role of those hormones…if the abdominal weight increase wasn\'t enough to plague your aching neck and back now those ever important pregnancy hormones start to get your body ready for delivery by letting your ligaments get looser and looser as you get bigger and bigger. It works for delivery but not so much for carrying around your bundle of joy while your legs swell and you start wondering: \"who is this creature who is taking over my body!\"

The good news is chiropractic can help! Chiropractic can relax some of the muscle tension and improve joint function which often goes haywire because it can\'t keep up with the changes your body is going through. Call us early in your pregnancy so we can support you all the way through. Many believe that chiropractic care has even made their labor shorter and a quite a bit easier.

You\'ll be happily surprised what a difference good Woodlawn Chiropractic care can make for you…after all, if Mama ain\'t happy, ain\'t nobody happy!

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