Overcoming Bursitis in Alexandria

shoulder pain

Bursitis is a condition in which, fluid filled sacs, known as bursae, fill with fluid and become inflamed, leading to pain, referred to as bursitis. The role of the bursae is to cushion the bones, tendons and muscles near the joint. A few of the most common sites that bursitis can appear include the: shoulder, knee, hip and elbow. Some common causes of developing bursitis include: direct traumas to the region, compression and performing repetitive activity.

At Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria in Virginia, which is located at 5249 Duke Street Suite 301 Alexandria, VA 22304, chiropractor Dr. Jasmine Bradley will examine the patient to determine the cause of their complaint. As a result, Dr. Bradley will evaluate the structures and biomechanics of the patient, in order to assess how well the body is functioning.

Chiropractic Care for Bursitis in Alexandria

Bursitis can be treated conservatively, through chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care for bursitis is often helpful, as it non-invasive. When Dr. Bradley provides chiropractic care to patients with bursitis, a thorough examination of the region of concern will be performed, to rule out, and or, to confirm the diagnosis. After a diagnosis of bursitis is determined, Dr. Bradley will: develop a treatment plan, teach the patient therapeutic exercises and discuss recommended supplements.

Various chiropractic modalities and methods of chiropractic treatment can and may be implemented, when Dr. Bradley treats a patient for bursitis. Chiropractic adjustments along with therapeutic modalities and nutritional supplements for patients seeking conservative options for bursitis, instead of the most invasive choice being surgery, often show improvement of this condition. In most cases, bursitis is not a surgical case and is self-resolving, also the bursae regenerate, after being removed.

In addition to the areas discussed above, the joints, soft tissues and ligaments will also be evaluated to determine the best and most effective methods to treat the patient, in order to help the body to restore its proper function and ranges of motion. We will also determine the best modifications, of certain activities, to avoid aggravating the bursitis.

Dr. Jasmine Bradley will conduct a thorough chiropractic exam in Alexandria to determine the cause of the problem. A proper chiropractic evaluation will permit Dr. Bradley to provide specific adjustments for the areas to be treated. With the aim of maintaining your chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercises will be prescribed in order to strengthen the muscles and stabilize the other structures surrounding the adjusted areas. Dr. Bradley will also discuss diet and nutrition and how it vitally contributes to overall health and wellness.