Are You A Runner in Baltimore and are Looking for Low Back Pain Treatment?

Are You A Runner in Baltimore and are Looking for Low Back Pain Treatment?

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Runners in Baltimore have a plethora of ailments that can occur if their bodies are not mechanically sound. Perry Hall Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Dennis Travagline and Dale Heil are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat the structural abnormalities that may be affecting your health as well as future health.

When runners seek treatment from a Doctor of Chiropractic they must realize that these types of conditions may involve multiple systems that demand correction. There is usually not a single, simple cause to a problem.

For instance, tightness of the biceps femoris muscle (one of the hamstring muscles) can set off a cascade effect resulting in increased tension in the sacrotuberous ligament (a small ligament on the inside of the pelvis). When the sacrotuberous ligament is compromised in this manner the ability of the body to absorb shock is diminished and low back pain often results.

Your local chiropractor in Baltimore can identify and correct the factors contributing to tightness of the biceps femoris muscle, which may go far beyond simply massaging the muscle. This is a prime example of the situation where multiple systems that demand correction comes into play.

Ignoring the contributory factors will usually result in short term, unsatisfactory outcomes. This is simply a scenario where you must do the job properly or you may as well not attempt to correct the problem at all. And you do want good results, don't you?

A Doctor of Chiropractic will often manipulate the spine to achieve reductions in low back pain, and numerous studies have shown that chiropractic manipulation is very effective in achieving pain relief. The chiropractic adjustment, or manipulation as it is sometimes referred to, achieves results by improving movement patterns in the joints of the low back and related structures.

If you are involved in any sport that entails running visit us at Perry Hall Chiropractic & Physical Therapy before pain and disability occurs.

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