Laurel Car Accidents

Laurel Car Accidents

black and red car accident

Many of us know of someone who has been in a Laurel fender bender where the people in the cars just felt a bit jostled. Unfortunately, car accidents happen where the occupants are more than just a bit jostled and feel significant pain. Even in lower speed car accidents, occupants can feel significant pain. This pain, especially in the neck and back, is generally called whiplash. Here at Laurel Regional chiropractic we commonly treat patients who have been in car accidents. Part of our treatment is to help the patient regain strength and stability in the muscles that were injured. This involves stretching and strengthening exercises. While they might not be something that you work at the gym, those muscles in your neck are important and at Laurel Regional Chiropractic we make sure that they are rehabilitated to help prevent neck pain in the future.

Do larger muscles in the neck help to prevent neck pain? In a recent article published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, researchers write that they wanted to determine if the thickness of the muscles in the neck had any relationship in persons with neck pain versus persons without neck pain. These researchers measured the thickness of a specific muscle in the neck, the cervical multifidus muscle, using an ultrasound device. Why the cervical multifidus muscle? Well this muscle is a factor in providing support, stiffness, and stability in the neck, which is pretty important! The researchers measured the thickness of this muscle while the participants were asked to contract their shoulder muscles. During this shoulder muscle contraction the shoulder and neck were not actually moving, which is called an isometric contraction. Even though there is no movement during an isometric activity, many muscles do work. In an isometric shoulder contraction, muscles in surrounding areas such as the neck, upper back, and chest also contract and tighten. The participants in this experiment were divided into two groups. One group had no neck pain, the other group had neck pain. These two groups were then asked to perform the same isometric motions of the shoulder while the cervical multifidus muscles were measured. Those patients who did not have neck pain had the greater muscle thickness!

While having a thick neck might not appeal to you, having a stable and supported spine is very important. Thankfully, the staff at Laurel Regional Chiropractic can help you with ensuring that your neck pain resolves, whether that pain is caused by a car accident or otherwise. Give us a call to evaluate whether chiropractic care can benefit you!

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