Suffer From Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Alexandria?

Suffer From Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Alexandria?

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Classically, iliotibial band syndrome or IT band syndrome may be considered, when the patient has complaints of pain along the outer knee that gradually worsens over a time span of a couple of days to weeks. In most cases, the IT band becomes aggravated with downhill running and when the patient extends the leg prior to the heel of the foot striking the ground. As chiropractors in Alexandria, we receive professional training to assess the patient as a whole, and not just focus on one area.

Runners are usually most thought of, when considering iliotibial band syndrome, but sedentary lifestyles can also be affected. Another possible indicative factor of iliotibial band syndrome may be noticed, if the patient hears a squeaking sound when bending and straightening the knee. Research has revealed that the diagnosis of IT band syndrome is believed to be caused by the tight IT band that rubs along the outer aspect of the lower femur when flexion is about 30 to 40°, at the knee. Other likely contributing factors of IT band syndrome include the following: repetitive extension of the knee at 30 to 40° over a prolonged time frame, having been born with a wider or thicker iliotibial band and hyperpronation.

At Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria in Virginia, which is located at 4875 Eisenhower Avenue Suite 215 Alexandria, VA 22304, chiropractor Dr. Jasmine Bradley will examine the patient to determine the cause of their complaint. As a result, Dr. Bradley will perform a detailed exam and evaluate the patient.

Can Chiropractic Care in Alexandria Help?

Although evidence based peer reviewed research provides studies showing how chiropractic may be of benefit to those who suffer from IT band syndrome, chiropractors can stretch the IT band and other adjacent muscles, in addition to provide chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors may provide the following care for the patients, with iliotibial band syndrome: perform myofascial treatment, adjust the joint of the chiropractic subluxation and also modify the jogging/running activities during the initial phase. Depending on the patient\'s presentation, the chiropractor may determine that stretching the IT band and also the adjustment may be delayed for up to two weeks.

In addition to the areas discussed above, the soft tissues and joints will also be evaluated to determine the best and most effective methods to treat the patient, in order to help decrease the patient\'s outer knee pain.

Dr. Jasmine Bradley will conduct a thorough chiropractic exam to determine the cause of the problem. A proper chiropractic evaluation in Alexandria will permit Dr. Bradley to provide specific adjustments for the areas to be treated. With the aim of maintaining your chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercises will be prescribed in order to strengthen the muscles and stabilize the other structures surrounding the adjusted areas. Dr. Bradley will also discuss diet and nutrition and how it vitally contributes to overall health and wellness.

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