How the Low Carb Diet Worked for Me and My Patients

How the Low Carb Diet Worked for Me and My Patients

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Ever since I could remember I had a hard time losing weight.  Its wasn\'t really a problem in high school because I played a lot of sports.  Once I got into college and also into the working world, I noticed that it was a lot harder for me to lose weight, especially as I got older.

I feel like I\'ve tried every diet out there from the low fat, to the low calorie and even the HCG diet.  What I noticed about those diets is that I was almost always hungry and I would initially lose a lot of weight but as soon as I stopped the diet, I would gain all the weight back and more.  I\'m not saying that these diets are bad, they just weren\'t for me.

What has worked the best for me is to control my carbohydrate intake.  So I have been on a low carb lifestyle for the past few months and I love it, I notice that I look and feel better, I have more energy.  No more after lunch crashes.  No more craving sugary snacks and I feel full for a long time, definitely much longer than I use to.  To me this diet just makes sense, It also makes sense for me to cut out breads.  I personally also want to go gluten free, but that\'s a different subject, but with this diet it\'s so easy to become gluten free.  So I have been excited about this diet and been telling my patients and other doctors about this diet and I\'m noticing an trend, A lot of people think I\'m crazy for cutting out breads and limiting fruits, and eating eggs and bacon for breakfast, they think I\'m going to die of a heart attack. I think ever since we were young it has been ingrained in our minds eating eggs and saturated fats such as coconut oils are bad for us, but having a salad with no oil dressing or just vinaigrette dressing is better for us.   There are a number of studies that reflect that limiting carbohydrates to roughly 40 grams per day is not only beneficial for losing weight, but also increasing HDL and decreasing triglycerides.  The unfortunate thing is that there is a lot of misconception about the low carb diet.  I personally eat a lot of veggies and salads, with either hardboiled eggs or chicken or fish.

I have recently started a number of patients on this specific diet at Rosa Family Chiropractic in Falls Church and they have all lost weight, look and feel better.  The first few days are tough but once your body has adjusted and has overcome the addiction of sugar and carbohydrates it gets a lot easier.  Personally for me this diet is not a diet but a lifestyle, and I have personally noticed more energy and vitality to my life.  If you need any assistance with starting this diet or just more information about it, I would be more than happy to help. You can reach me at Rosa Family Chiropractic in Falls Church.

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