High-Heel Shoe Injuries in Temple Hills?

High-Heel Shoe Injuries in Temple Hills?

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Did you know the higher the heel on your shoe, the greater the amount of stress placed on your forefoot?  An article from The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery investigated the epidemiology of high-heeled related injuries among a nationally representative population of women in the United States.   High-heeled shoes can contribute to the collapse of one or more of the foot\'s three arches.  The study showed that injuries from high heels are differential by body region, with most injuries occurring as sprains and strains to the foot and ankle.  When you wear high-heels, your calf muscles shorten.  Then, if you alternate between high heels and flat shoes, your calf muscles go through a shorten/lengthen cycle that can lead to pelvic imbalances and low back pain.

Many chiropractors recommend orthotics.  There are two kinds of orthotics: the simple, commercially-made insoles that are available at outdoor sports or shoe stores, and custom orthotics.  Custom orthotics are superior since they are tailored to your individual foot and are designed to correct for your particular imbalances.  These are created by making an impression of each foot called a cast, and then correcting for specific misalignments.  Custom orthotics help to prevent dysfunction of the lower body and legs, and decrease spinal stress.

In conclusion, although high heels might be stylish, from a health standpoint, it could be worthwhile for females and those interested in wearing high heels to understand the risks of wearing high-heeled shoes and the potential harm that precarious activities in high-heeled shoes can cause.  While many health professionals strongly advise patients to avoid wearing high heels, the reality is many patients will continue to wear them.  With this in mind, talk to your chiropractor at Rosa Rehab in Temple Hills today to learn more about helpful shoe modifications.

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