Getting Into Shape In 2020

Getting Into Shape In 2020

Woman Practicing Yoga in Alexandria, VA

A month into the New Year and for many of us, our goal is to work out and get into shape for 2020. We may be lifting weights to build strength, walking or running to strengthen our cardiovascular health or even doing yoga to help with our flexibility.

One simple exercise we can all incorporate into our routine is called \"dead bug\". Dead bug helps strengthen our core which comprises of muscles in our abdomen, hip and lower back.  This is a great exercise because your core is a major foundation for all other exercises or activities you may do from lifting heavy weights off the floor at a gym to bending down to tie your shoes. Of course having a strong core can also help prevent injuries when working out or from activities of daily living.

The benefit of the Dead Bug Yoga Exercise in Alexandria VA

So how do we perform dead bug? First, begin by lying on your back with both knees bent and your feet on the floor. Have both of your hands raised up towards the ceiling and your elbows straight. Next, lift both your legs up while keeping your hips, knees and feet at 90 degrees.  It should look as if you are crawling on the ceiling. Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute and relax. Repeat this 3 times for the workout. You will notice that, unlike crunches, you are able to get a great ab workout in without having to move your lower back. Your low back is in a neutral position and avoids any strain during this exercise.

If this proves to be a little too difficult, then don\'t worry. You can place a yoga ball or a chair underneath your legs for support while maintaining that 90 degrees at your hips, knees and feet. Work your way up until you feel comfortable enough to do the exercise without using support. Remember that with starting anything new, practice and consistency is the key. Of course you can always see your chiropractor in Alexandria for help and support on this exercise or any other core exercises.

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