Simple Exercises For Low Back Pain And Disc Herniations

Simple Exercises For Low Back
Pain And Disc Herniations

Low Back Pain in Falls Church VA

Lumbar disc herniations are a very common and treatable diagnosis. The disc is composed of two parts: the annulus fibrosus and the nucleus pulposus. The annulus fibrosus is the tough outer layer of your intervertebral disc, which surrounds the nucleus pulposus, which is a softer, jelly-like structure. Think of your disc like a jelly donut! Disc herniations occur when cracks in the outer layers of your disc allow the softer inner material to push through. Sometimes, this causes some pain and irritation to the surrounding nerves; however, a lot of herniated discs show no symptoms. It is common for people to worry about their diagnosis of a disc herniation, but a lot can be done in order to help decrease any symptoms you may have, as well as avoid surgery! Here at Rosa Family Chiropractic in Falls Church, we can help you rehab your disc and help get you pain free.

Exercises For Low Back Pain and Disc Herniations in Falls Church VA

It is important to focus on your core and gluteal musculature in order to stabilize your low back. Some quick and easy exercises we can help you with are glute bridge and extension press-ups. To perform a glute bridge, you would lay flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. From that position, you will contract your core and push your hips toward the ceiling, holding this position for a few seconds, and then relaxing. Continue to complete this exercise for ten reps, and repeat it for two or three sets. Extension press-ups are used to centralize any pain that you may have down your leg. These exercises are performed with you lying on your stomach with your arms bent and hands flat on the floor underneath your shoulders. From this position you are going to push the upper half of your body off of the floor, while leaving your hips and legs flat on the floor, holding the position for a few seconds at the top. Be sure to only push your upper body up as high as you can tolerate, never push to pain. Perform this exercise for ten repetitions, for two sets. Along with these exercises, regular chiropractic care will help speed up recovery and is a great first step to your treatment, so stop in and see us in Falls Church!

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