Chiropractor in Laurel Explains Dry Needling

Chiropractor in Laurel Explains Dry Needling

Chiropractic Laurel MC Dry Needling

When you are having pain in the muscles, common advice is to rest the muscle, heat it, and stretch it. But what if after giving it some rest, heat, and stretching it still is painful? Especially when it tends to be painful in just one spot? This painful might be what is called a trigger point, that is, a specific point within the muscle that is painful, and can "trigger" pain in other areas of the body as well. When you have this painful, tight area of muscle, stretching can sometimes be painful, and contracting the muscle might be painful. What can be done to help with this painful site? A visit to Laurel Regional Chiropractic in Laurel might be the solution for you. In addition to focusing on the joints of the body, Dr. Shannon Hawk can apply a technique called dry needling to these painful muscular sites.

Dry needing is a technique where thin, solid, sterile needles are placed through the skin into these tight muscular spots. The needle passes through the skin, connective tissue, and into the tight and contracted muscle. This allows Dr. Hawk to target muscles sites more directly than working only from outside the skin. This technique is thought to break up these tight, contracted spots within the muscles and allow the body to activate its own natural pain relieving mechanisms.

What might you expect during this procedure? At Laurel Regional Chiropractic the site to be addressed is first cleaned with alcohol, the practitioner wears gloves, and the needles are individually wrapped in sterile packaging. The goal of dry needling is to release the tight and painful muscle in order to allow you to return to your normal ranges of painfree motion. So if this is your goal, visit Dr. Hawk at Laurel Regional Chiropractic in Laurel to see is dry needling might be helpful for you.

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