Takoma Park MD - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

A rich history

less traffic and congestion, a beautiful green and serene environment, and an incredibly hospitable community are just but a few of the characteristics of Takoma Park in Maryland. Located on the northeastern side of Washington DC and neighbored by some famous cities such as New Hampshire to the southeast, silver spring on north and Eastern Avenue on the southwest, Takoma Park is not only the number one choice for many retirees who wish to lead a quiet and peaceful life during their golden years but also those who wish to experience the tranquility of nature every once in a while. Thus it is frequented by many people who are on trips and weekend getaways. However, if you have just heard of it or you're planning to go there, below is a list of some of Takoma MD's top attractions and also some of the things you could engross your mind on if you went there for a day or even a weekend.

Sligo Creek

Located in Takoma Park, MD, this is a ten-mile trail and is among the oldest in the place. It is one of the main attractions in Takoma. There are numerous trails scattered around the park; some are heavily used while others offer you solitude when you just need some alone time with your spouse or friends or even when you want to take a hike on your own. Some have pavements for more fun while others are unpaved for those who like an extremely natural experience, it connects Takoma Park MD to various other botanical gardens in Maryland such as Wheaton regional park where you get to enjoy other good moments in the famous Brookside garden or the carousel. Some of the activities which you may indulge in include horseback riding, go on picnics and play basketball among many others. Lastly, there are restrooms along the trail route and numerous parking lots which make it even more convenient.

Thomas Siegler house

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting this home which has been around for more than a century now. It is located at Takoma Park, and a few miles away from Washington DC thus you can easily access it. Thanks to its long existence, the house was recently listed in the national register of historic places. It lies on an acre piece of land and prides itself on breathtaking natural beauty which consists of azalea, magnolia, and rhododendron among many other plants. It is now a museum and also has a carriage house thus do not forget your camera at home because this is one of the most picture perfect places in Tahoma park. The Thomas Siegler house is open to the public on a daily basis, and there are no entrance charges.

Takoma Park MD shopping center

If you love shopping, then the Takoma Park MD shopper's center is the right place for you to end your day in this beautiful town. There are plenty of modern shops which sell a wide variety of items ranging from jewelry, hair and beauty products to the latest in the world of fashion. Additionally, there are many eateries within and outside which offer a wide array of cuisines that will leave you completely full.