Laurel MD - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

My Day in Laurel, MD

There are lots of reasons as to why a person can visit Laurel, Md. It can be either for business or, leisure purposes. Despite your reason for visiting, you should ensure you enjoy the time you spend in Laurel. Laurel is located between Washington and Baltimore. The town has lots of activities that you can try out. Whether you are a fan of outdoor or indoor activities, you have several options for you to choose from. Below are the things you can do in Laurel, MD.

1. Spend an Afternoon on the Track

There's no better way than spending your afternoon in the race track. Whether you are new to horse racing or you a huge fan, you will enjoy your time at the track. There are horse races and simulcast racing events. You can make reservations at the terrace dining room, place your bets on the horses of your choice as you enjoy a hot and delicious meal. The Laurel Park also offers a guide to people visiting the track for the first time. You, therefore don't need to worry about getting lost around the track.

2. Explore the Main Streets

Rather than spending your evenings in the hotel rooms, you can take a walk on the streets of Laurel. The streets are home to several shops, restaurants, and even bars. You can decide to go for some little shopping and later grab a meal. If you are still feeling active and energetic, you can have a drink at one of the bars. Plus, you can treat yourself to the live music from the local bands. You can also stroll to the historic downtown area. If you visit Laurel during public holidays and festivals, you will get to witness fantastic celebrations hosted by the locals. Some of these holidays are; River fest, Main Street Trick or Treat and Festival. When these events are happening, vehicles are not allowed into the streets. As a result, you get to roam the streets as you enjoy the music and fresh breeze.

3. Go Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a thrilling and enjoyable activity. However, most people have to wait until winter. But this is not the case in Laurel. The Garden Ice House in Laurel is the ideal place for you to go skating at any time of the year. It's available to all members of the public. If you skating skills are a bit rusty, you can book for skating lessons. If you are a hockey fan, you can catch up ice hockey games, and other ice skating shows at the Garden Ice House.

4. Visit the Parks

There are lots of outdoor venues in Laurel. For instance, the area has more than 15 parks that cover more than 200 acres of land. You can decide to go for a picnic or stroll along the parks and experience nature at its best. You can also ride a boat at the Granville Gude Park or the lake house.

5. Have a Taste of the Local Cuisines

The Dutch Country Farmers market produces meat and dairy products. It is located on the east side of Fort Meade. You can stroll to the market and have a brunch with your colleagues or family. Plus, you will get to interact with the locals and learn more about them.

If you intend to visit Laurel, you can be assured that you will enjoy your stay there. As you can see above, there are many places for you to visit and activities to engage. Plus, the locals are very friendly.