Germantown MD - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

Laid back and fun

If you are looking for a laid back yet fun place to pass the time on during the weekend, then Germantown may be just what you want. Located in Maryland, Montgomery to be precise, the town is one of the fastest growing areas in Maryland and has a relatively average population thus can offer you the perfect escape with plenty of tourists attractions and a wide assortment of comfy resorts and hotels. Below is a list of places you can visit and also fun things to do in Germantown, MD.

Intermingle with nature at Seneca Creek state park

You can end the first day of your visit to Germantown MD by enjoying a relaxing camping evening at Seneca Creek state park, a recreation area lying on 2500 hectares of land. The park encompasses fourteen miles of the Seneca Creek and also the Potomac River where you can enjoy an evening dip with the ones you came with. You can also decide to take a hike and enjoy the serene environment of the wilderness. In the morning, kick start your day by going fishing, horseback riding, boating or even biking.

Shop at Lancaster county market

Your trip cannot be complete if you do not visit the Lancaster County market. Commonly referred to as the Amish Market, you will be spoiled for choice with the wide variety of goods and mouthwatering local foods such as a wide selection of fresh pretzels, fried chicken, smoked cheese, pumpkin rolls, pancakes among many others. There are all types of goods including traditionally crafted furniture. Shop till you drop while at the same time nibbling on sweet candy and cakes from the Dutch's market shops.

Take horse riding classes in hunt view riding academy

If you have never been on horseback, then Germantown MD might be the best place to do so. The hunt view riding academy located on Berryville Road is a fully certified academy which offers riding classes and even boarding facilities. You can dedicate this weekend and spend it with these gentle and loving animals and also interact with the other visitors and locals who come here. It lies on an expansive piece of land which offers the learners ample space to practice their freshly acquired skills not to forget the highly skilled trainers. You can either opt for group or private lessons according to your personality. You can also make it a family retreat weekend because the academy classes are available even for children from the age of six.

Wind up your retreat at Butler's Orchard

There is no better way to wind up your trip than by visiting the Butler's Orchard. As you can tell by the name, the Butler's Orchard is bountiful with fresh agricultural produce and a diverse assortment of flowers which lie on about 300 acres of land. The orchard is family owned, and here you get an opportunity to pick whatever it is you want at an affordable rate, be it the flowers or the agricultural produce you just name it. Thus you get an opportunity to take home with you fresh produce such as blueberries, apples, cherries, black and red raspberries, strawberries among many others which you will live to remember for many days to come.