Frederick MD - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

So Much To See

Frederick, MD is the county seat of the state of Maryland in the US. It is an excellent location where historic meets hip daily. It is a city where museums meet martini bars, and scenic landscapes offer adventure seekers with plenty of thrilling experiences.

Cutting-Edge Cuisine

Locals and visitors can savor cutting-edge cuisine in civil war - era buildings alongside unique galleries, specialty shops, and theatres. An individual probably needs months to explore what the quaint town has to offer. It is, however, possible to spend your day in Frederick having loads of fun by:

Pedaling Along the Historical Streets

Start your day with a little exercise by pedaling through the historic town. It is an excellent option for exploring Frederick without having to walk too much. There is an option of hiring or buying high-end bicycles with steel frames from Gravel & Grind. Anyone interested can be part of the team led by join Tracy Hathaway and James Johnson the proprietors on one of their free ten to thirteen-mile group rides through the town.

Stop by Flying Dog Brewery

It is the largest brewery located about ten minutes south of downtown. They offer guided tours at no cost, then people can proceed to the tasting room for some samples. Spend $2 for four- ounces. Try out award-winning bloodline ale or pale ale. Do not forget to check out the Flying Dog's unique labels that Ralph Steadman illustrates. He is well known for collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson a journalist who was a friend and neighbor to the founder of the brewery.

Grab a Bite at Ayse Meze Lounge

After the cycling and the tour, there is high possibility of starving especially if it is already lunch hour. This is an excellent lounge that gives revelers a chance to pick the spot they prefer from a buzzing bar with incredible happy hour specials or a cool blue-and-white dining area that features pillowy booths. Both are fine spots to enjoy Lebanese, Greek, and Turkish small plates.

Visit National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Head over to the museum after filling your stomach. Do not be put off by the name as the place is not as gruesome as it sounds. It gives visitors a chance to study amputations in the battlefield that were performed using surgical instruments that appear as though they had been bought at an antebellum home depot.

Take a Stroll at the Mural Bridge

Along the gorgeous Canal Park is the beautiful mural done by William Cochran. It is a must-see for anyone who is in the Frederick, MD area. Feast your eyes on painted stonework that is loaded with beautiful features while walking around the bridge. It is one of the landmarks that makes the city beautiful and unique.

Shop at Great Stuff by Paul

Finish the day by treating yourself to some little shopping at Great Stuff. The store gives people a chance to uncover cool vintage stuff that the shop gets from all over the globe. Get your hands on exciting things ranging from watering cans from Germany, old lunch pails from France, sturdy industrial tables and carts from defunct American factories and armoires from China.

Visit True Treats Historic Candy

Your day can end with a trip to True Treats. It is not so much a candy store as it is more of a museums that sells the confectionery it displays. The store traces the history of old-school sweets such as the hickory bark that the Iroquois enjoyed and retro favorites like Mary Janes, Goo Goo Clusters, and Squirrel Nut Zippers.