Alexandria, VA - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

Something For Everyone

There is always a great deal of activity you can engage in when you are in a city with a water body as one of its landmarks. Alexandria VA has Potomac River lining it so a day in this city will prove to be exciting, relaxing or whatever you choose to make of it.
Alexandria has a lot to offer to everyone. It is full of culture, interesting events and natural beauty as well as delicious cuisine. It is also worth mentioning that this was home to George Washington.
Personally, I would recommend an early morning walk or job by the harbour which I find invigorating as the morning breeze hits your face and you watch Washington DC in the distance waking up. Next to get a feel of the city, a boat cruise or water taxi will be ideal, you actually get to see a lot of the city as you cruise along the river and you can take a boat ride right to the home of America's first president which is one of the big attractions in Alexandria.

The Cuisine

For a taste of the cuisine in Alexandria, VA you can try out the waterfront restaurants which offer authentic American dishes as well as foreign cuisines, but the food is not the only enjoyment. The scenery of the river is quite relaxing and interesting as you see boats passing by and you get more of the breeze. This is fun during summer and spring as winter may be more fun indoors.

If you prefer more energetic activity

You may find the Chinquapin recreational park a fun place to go. There are a number of sporting activities here including swimming, tennis, and racquetball. It is a fun place to let off steam, or if you have young ones, the Cameron Run Regional Park may be a place they will enjoy. It has a water slide and miniature golf which are fun activities for both young and old and you can actually spend the whole day there.

Depending on the time of year

You can get to attend different events right from musical festivals to street festivals. Alexandria has a Scottish heritage so St Patricks day is one of the big and interesting events on the calendar. If you are visiting around December, then you can also get to experience the Scottish Christmas walk. It has been held for decades and is full of fun activities for the entire family as well as individuals. The walk is actually a fundraising event to improve social services in the city but it is also a great time to interact with the people of Alexandria and visitors as well.

Taking walks can also be fun

You can choose to go on a trail through the park or have a guided tour of the city. I personally like the tour through the city since you can get to discover little known attractions or things that appeal to you individually as opposed to predetermined destinations that many visitors are taken to.

And At the end of the day

If you still have the energy for it, the night life in Alexandria is also a great experience. you can choose to wine and dine, enjoy live music in a bar or hit the dance floor. Whatever you consider fun, you can find it in Alexandria, VA.