Chiropractic Care and Weight Training

Chiropractic Care and Weight Training

Weight Lifting in Falls Church VA

Your spine and your nervous system can definitely impact your strength training routine. A spine that is out of alignment will lead to muscular imbalances and pain, preventing you from reaching your goals. Joint subluxations (bone out of alignment) can apply pressure on spinal nerves causing pain and discomfort when you are training with weights.

Chiropractic care in Falls Church offers a safe effective way to relieve pain, while treating the pain at its source. Since all muscles connect to the joints or the spine, the joints and spine have to be in proper alignment for the muscles to work in harmony.  A small shift in the spine can cause muscles on one side to work harder than the other side which will lead to injuries.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes in Falls Church VA

The majority of weight trainers believe if they feel pain after a workout then that is a good thing. However that isn\'t always true. Microtrauma injuries sometimes hide behind minor sore muscle pain which is common after a heavy workout. Microtrauma injuries are small tears in the connective tissue and/or fibers of the muscle itself. These can cause swelling that you cannot see but that you feel. When this kind of trauma isn\'t given proper time to heal or isn\'t given treatment, it can lead to major injuries later, including ruptured ligaments, complete loss of joint function, and fractures.

Weight lifting makes the body stronger, but it also puts extra stress on the bones, muscles, and joints, causing them to adapt. This extra strain, however, can also misalign the spine and pinch the nerves. Chiropractic care for weightlifters involves making adjustments so that the spine is put back into its natural, proper position.

Performing squats and deadlifts incorrectly can lead to lower back injuries.  A few tips to keep in mind to avoid injury:

  • When performing squats avoid rounding of the lower back. Keep the chest up, bend the knees, and reach back with the glutes as if you were sitting in a chair to maintain the proper spinal natural curve.
  • With the deadlift exercise, hip hinging is the key to success. The hip hinge involves bending forward at the hips while maintaining a neutral spine.

Incorporating chiropractic care in Falls Church in your workout routine will improve your performance. Everyone can benefit from receiving regular chiropractic adjustments especially bodybuilders and weight training enthusiasts in order to maintain proper spinal alignment and prevent injuries.

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