Chiropractic Care in Baltimore for Whiplash

Chiropractic Care in Baltimore for Whiplash

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Fender-Benders are seemingly quite common during times of increased traffic. Regardless of the amount of damage to the vehicle, many persons feel pain after these common events and choose to seek care for musculoskeletal pain following these accidents. Chiropractic physicians in Baltimore MD may provide a valuable service to those persons in assisting to manage pain in returning to health. There are recent studies which suggest that for a specific type of injury, chiropractic care may be positioned to provide excellent results. This injury is called whiplash associated disorder and can occur following many types of collisions. During the accident, the individuals neck experiences both increased extension and increased flexion. This can result in pain upon movement of the neck, and pain with touching the neck. This pain is felt especially in the back of the neck, and might not be present immediately after the accident; rather it might become apparent in the days following the incident. While it might seem that keeping the head and neck still and restricting movement would be of benefit, once it is determined that there is no fracture or instability, movement is key!

What To Expect At Your Chiropractic Appointment in Baltimore MD

Doctors of chiropractic can provide care that assists in ensuring that the person can recover their pain-free mobility. Recent studies have shown that restricting the motion in the neck following a whiplash associated disorder can slow recovery. Chiropractic care in Baltimore following such an injury might involve education of movements to complete while at home and throughout the day. During care visits the chiropractor may use various treatments aimed at decreasing pain and improving the healing that can occur naturally. One of the key treatments used might be spinal manipulation, which can be described as a quick, short movement applied to the joints. This manipulation can help to decrease the pain felt, as well as improve mobility in the joint. While no one wants to be involved in a fender-bender, there are treatment options available when visiting a doctor of chiropractic that can help you get back on your pain-free way!

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