Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain in Rockville

Chiropractic Back Pain in Falls Church VA

Low Back Pain can be caused by a number of ways including something as simple walking downhill or picking up something light and can put a serious toll on your health if left untreated. The disc, joints, and ligaments that help make up the spine can be stressed and damaged, resulting in various symptoms including significant pain.

Overcoming Back Pain in Rockville

Chiropractors in Rockville specialize in low back pain therapy and treatment. They use hands on manipulation and other treatments to help restore the bodies proper alignment, therefore enabling the body to not only heal itself but to function normally. During spinal manipulation, chiropractors apply pressure to a particular joint that is not properly aligned, which may produce a popping noise as gas bubbles are released from the joint capsule, allowing proper nerve function to aid in healing the body.

In addition, patients will be taught lower back exercises, stretches and nutritional plans may be discussed as well as healthy weight and great eating habits play a great role in aiding fast recovery and decreasing inflammation in the body. Through proper diagnosis and treatment, a Chiropractor can help patients return to health using conservative methods of care, avoiding unnecessary pain medications and costly surgery.