Biomechanics of High Heels in Towson

Biomechanics of High Heels in Towson

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According to Towson Chiropractor, style and fashion is a huge priority for some of his patients, for both men and women. This week's health tip, however, is geared more toward our female population. Many women seek to add a few inches to their height and make their legs look a bit leaner and longer each day. They accomplish this by purchasing various types of shoes with heels, lifts, and platforms. While designers please their customers by making high heeled shoes that complement various outfits and body types, they do not pay any attention to the negative repercussions of prolonged use of these types of shoes.

Biomechanics of High Heels in Towson MD

High heels force the foot into what is called plantar flexion, and they cause the pelvis to tip forward. This leads to the tightening and spasm of muscles affiliated with the ankle, knee, and hip joints. It also leads to improper anterior to posterior curvature of the lumbar spine (lower back). It has been well researched and documented that in addition to progressive lower back pain and increased tendency for ankle injuries, women who wear high heels are more prone to several uncomfortable and often debilitating conditions in the future. These include Degenerative Joint Disease, Morton's Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, and Metatarsalgia.

Female patients constantly tell me that shoes with heels are just necessary when they go to work. As I get further and further into practice, I am also becoming more and more aware that telling a female patient to not wear high heels is like telling a cross country runner not to run. I will not give up the fight though! There are shoes out there for everyone that are both aesthetically pleasing and biomechanically favorable. Please talk to your health care provider about a better choice in footwear for you. It is possible to have both style and comfort!