The Best Parks and Museums Located In Laurel MD

Make your trip memorable

Whether you are looking for a cool laid back place to be working out, to go for a hike, camp or simply take some time away from the fast life of the urban cities, Laurel MD is home to myriads of parks and recreational facilities which offer you the peace and serenity that you badly yearn for. Besides beautiful parks, the city which is located on the northern end of the Prince George County in MD also boasts a number of museums which distract you and take you back in time and helps you learn about the history of the town. If you are planning to go down to Maryland, below are some of the best parks and museums that you should pay a visit to if you want to make your trip memorable.

Laurel Museum

Since it bears the name of the town, you can already tell that it carries a rich history of Laurel MD and would be important that you make your first stop here because you will learn about the city before you actually get to visit the other parks and museums. Located within the main streets, the place is easily accessible which adds, even more, reason as to why it should be your first stop. It dates back to the early 1800's, and the entrance is free. It highlights the history of Laurel MD including how it came to be, and it began as a family house which later turned into a warehouse and later got abandoned. If you are a historian, then this museum would be of good use to you because it has a rich research library. It also features a gift shop, and the entrance is absolutely free.

Dinosaur Park

Located in Laurel MD, Dinosaur Park gives you an opportunity to see the rare fossils of dinosaurs which probably most people in our generation got a chance to see because they went extinct many centuries back. These fossils date back to 110 million years ago, and through the interpretive programs, you get to learn about each of them in a more up-close manner. Besides the dinosaur's remnants, you also get to learn about the earliest flowering plants while at the same time you get a chance to interact with people from across the world who come here with the same purpose as you. However, it is important to note that you only get to access the fossil beds on the first and third Saturdays of the month, but there is no entrance fee.

National wildlife visitor center

Situated at the Scarlet Tanager Loop, the national wildlife visitor center offers one of the coolest getaways from the busy urban life and instead offers you an opportunity to take an interactive session with nature whereby you will be able to see wildlife in its natural refuge habitat and if you are a nature and animal lover it will suit you even more. Reason being you get access to a diverse range of information regarding the various animal species, ranging from birds, mammal amphibians and even insects which are in the center and also in the locality through the interactive kiosk. There are also many people who visit the park, and thus it acts as a platform for you to discuss matters environment and wildlife.


There is an art gallery known as Hollingsworth which exhibits an extensive array of wildlife in the form of art from national and local artists. If you have a good hand for drawing or a good eye for nature art, then you are more likely to love this gallery. Lastly, there is the wildlife bookstore, and you can buy books to take home with you and end your visit at this park by visiting the pollinator garden.
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