The Best Parks and Museums In Falls Church VA

When visiting the city of Falls Church in VA, you will enjoy the beautiful attractions the city has to offer. From museums, parks, trails and cultural centers, the little-known city has it all. Here is a list of the parks and museums you ought to visit while in the city.

1. The Historic Falls Church

Address- Fairfax and South Washington St.

It is the Falls Church that led to the development of the Falls Church community. Falls Church was established in 1734. The church's forerunner seems to have been the landowner, William Gunnell. He had moved from Westmoreland County in 1729. Mr. William secured a minister and brought together a congregation which would meet at his home until 1733 when they constructed the first building. The building decayed over time and the members felt the need to build a new brick building. The new building was designed by Colonel James Wren, and work began in 1767. It was completed in 1769, and the building remains on site. Not only is this structure the oldest remaining church in the North of Quantico, but is also one of the aged buildings in the United States.

2. Cavalier Trail Park

Address- 200 West Westmorland Rd. or 590 South Maple Ave. Falls Church, VA 22046

The park features a basketball court, park benches, and grills, play equipment, picnic tables, tennis courts, and bike and hike trail. If you want to unwind, the Cavalier Trail Park is an ideal place to try. The unique facility is a valuable asset to the city, which provides a range of recreational amenities.

3. Tinner Hill

Address- 106 Tinner Hill Road

Tinner hill hosted the first rural chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The place has a rich history that any guest would be happy to learn about when visiting Falls Church, VA. The site is named after Charles and Mary Tinner. This was an African-American couple who purchased land there during the late 19th century. Their family members quarried most of the stones used to construct houses in the area. Between 1910 and 1918, their descendants, Edwin Henderson and Joseph Tinner fought for civil rights. Their struggle made the establishment of the first rural branch of NAACP possible.

4. Big Chimneys Park

Address- 210 Gibson St. Falls Church, VA 22046

The park features play equipment, park benches, grill, and picnic tables. The park has served the residents and visitors of Falls Church, VA for more than 20 years now. The landscaped beds and the assortment of native paintings provide natural beauty and color all year round. Its name, as well as its historical significance, are highlighted and noted via signage. To pass your time while inside the park, you may play casual games on the small grass-covered area at the center of the park. One can also make use of the provided playground.

The name, big chimneys, is said to have originated from the first permanent structure to have been constructed in the area that is known today as Falls Church, VA. It is believed that the construction was undertaken in 1969, following the inscription of that date on a stone in one of the chimneys. Also, the community of Falls Church traditionally accepts this time as its beginning.

5. Cherry Hill Farmhouse

Address- 312 Park Ave

The Cherry Hill Farmhouse together with its adjoining barn is a historic family farm that was constructed in 1845. Surprisingly, this farm survived the civil war, despite the many times it was requisitioned, raided and overrun. The Falls Church, VA administration now possesses the farmhouse and retains its authenticity. They have preserved the olden tools as well as the indigenous furniture that had been used initially in the house. Tours around the house are available upon booking.

6. Berman Park

Address- between 234 Irving St. and 229 Kent St. Falls Church, VA 22046

The park features play equipment, grills, picnic tables, picnic shelter, and hike and bike trail. The unique facility acts as a link between West Broad Street and South Washington Street. It is a linear park that is accessible to all the park neighbors, thus is highly utilized. There are open areas large enough for small groups to play a game of catch or kick soccer. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for groups of friends and families to bond and spend time together.