The Best Parks and Museums In Temple Hills MD

A Census designated location

Temple Hills is an incorporated and census designated location in Prince George's County, Maryland. With a population of 7,852 as of 2010 Census, the suburb was named after Dr. Edward Temple. He established residency in a home located close to Henson Creek in an area called Moor Park. Today, the area is dotted with garden apartments, duplexes and single family communities.

1950's through 1970's

These homes were constructed from the 1950's through 1970's. Some of the landmarks you will come across while visiting Temple Hills include Iverson Mall and Marlow Heights shopping centers. The Iverson Mall was constructed in the 1960s and features two floor levels.

Notable residents in the area include:
i. Mark Davis, a radio talk show host
ii. Mike Easton, UFC bantamweight
iii. William T. Randall, The Young and the Restless actor
iv. Julian Peterson, Detroit Lions Linebacker
v. Michael A. Jackson.

Here are parks and museums you can visit

1. Henson Creek Park
Located conveniently between Temple Hills and Camp Springs, Henson Creek Park is accessible via Temple Hill Rd and visitors can find parking facilities off Temple Hill Road, south of Henderson Road. Another parking facility is located at the large athletic complex on Tucker Road, north of Ferguson Lane.

Apart from the surrounding greenery, Henson Creek Park is renowned for the Henson Creek trail. It is located on the southwestern side of Prince George County, Maryland. The trail connects two other suburbs - Fort Washington and Oxon Hill. It extends from Temple Road passing through Henson Creek Park, crossing Brinkley Road via the Henson Creek Stream Valley Park.

The 5.7 mile trail offers a scenic and recreational route that passes through other community parks and centers. It has an asphalt surface which accommodates shared use for pedestrians, hikers, cyclists and inline skaters. The area has a grassy shoulder designed to accommodate equestrians.

Some of the activities you can enjoy to do in the park include cycling, hiking, in-line skating, running, leisure walks and jogging.

2. Hagan Field Park
Located at 5211 Hagan Rd, Temple Hills - the park is designed to offer peace and tranquility to visitors. Whether you are visiting with your family or friends, you will surely enjoy the experience. Not only is the park designed to be an excellent picnic area thanks to the well landscaped area and trees, it offers a great location for kids to run around.

Covering close to 80 acres

It is one of the largest parks in Temple Hills. Located adjacent to the American River Parkway, visitors have a chance of enjoying nature walks, cycling and other eco-friendly commuter routes. Some of the family friendly amenities offered by the park include baseball fields, BBQs area, multi use fields, horseshow courts, playgrounds, soccer fields, picnic areas, tennis courts and swimming pool.

Although it is a public park, there are areas designated for rental. Learn more about Hagan field park rental rates.

Currently, there are no museums within Temple Hills area. Stay tuned for updates.