The Best Parks and Museums In Greenbelt MD

Home to the best parks and museum

Greenbelt is the suburb of Washington, D.C., and it's located in Prince George's County. It's approximate to four major highways including the Capital Beltway, Baltimore-Washington, and the Parkway, making it easily accessible. Besides, it's home to the best parks and museum and among the towns that have changed America. These parks and museums include:

Greenbelt National Park

Located 12 miles from Washington, D.C., this park is a refuge from native animal and plants and a peaceful escape from the pressures daily life. It's home to 174 site campground with explicit site reservations, three picnic areas, and nine miles of trails. The campground it a great place to visit and opens all year round. People fall in love with this park because it's affordable, safe, vast with a peaceful surrounding, and guarantees the best National Park Service hospitality.

College Park Aviation Museum

The College Park Aviation Museum is an associate of the famous Smithsonian Institution. It is located near the world's oldest operating airport in College Park to ease transportation. People who come to the museum step into an open 1.5 historical exhibit space, which displays unique aircraft and tells the story of flight from the time of Wright Brothers to date. In the gallery, you are allowed the chance to share in the historical and reproduction aircraft that is affiliated with the history of an airfield. Besides, there are hands-on activities and experiment areas for children of all ages.

Buddy Attick Park

Buddy Attick Park is Greenbelt hidden treasure. The park is well-kept with a playground, picnic areas, and outstanding fields to host to some incredible Fourth of July Fireworks. It's also home to a lovely little lake with a good trail around it, which offer lovely breeze and astonishing views of the lake where you can sit at the many individual picnic tables overlooking the lake. The trail is continuously groomed to near perfection for runners, walkers, and cyclists. For the kids, there is a variety of playground equipment, a basketball court, and a site for the 4th July festivities, annual Easter Egg Hunt and fireworks.

Riversdale House Museum

There is so much history for you to explore at the Riversdale House Museum. The park is a National Historic Landmark and an architectural gem that has over two hundred years of stories to tell. To preserve this history, members of staff and different volunteers work hard to keep the museum alive by offering education and Scout opportunities, docent-guided tours, workshops, and special events throughout the year. Besides, there are spacious historic sites to rent for a variety of functions including wedding, anniversaries, birthday, and more.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center was established in May 1959 as NASA's very first space flight complex and named after an American rocketry pioneer Dr. Robert H. Goddard. It is a home to the nation's largest institution of scientists, technologists, and engineers who came up with the idea to build instruments, spacecraft, and new technology to study the Earth, the solar system, the sun and the whole universe. People come to this place to share in the rich science and learn a few things about the world of discoveries.

Bottom line

The town of Greenbelt is popular because of its public cooperative community that was founded in the New Deal era. It is one of three "green" towns alongside Greendale, Wisconsin and Greenhills, Ohio and the best place to visit as a family. It has the best park and museums where you can go, relax and allow your children a great time to enjoy a natural environment!