The Best Parks and Museums Located In Frederick MD

Charming, historic and hip are some of the phrases that adequately describe Frederick town. When visiting the city, you get to enjoy the cultural events, cool art galleries as well as award-winning restaurants. If you consider the many attractions in the city, you will understand why the National Trust of Historic Preservation listed it in the "America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations." If you are looking for parks and museums in Frederick city, look no more, here is everything you would want to know.

Monocacy National Battlefield

The civil war site is among the prominent historic attractions in Frederick city. It is on these grounds that the battle of Monocacy junction took place in 1864, July 9th. That fight was among the last wars undertaken by the Confederates in Union territory and it saved Washington DC from getting attacked. If this would interest you, take a walk through the site and stop by the Visitor Center to view the interpretive displays, electronic maps and historical artifacts. You may also want to attend one of the unique events organized there or take part in a ranger-guided program.

Downtown Frederick

The 50-block historic district was named among the "Prettiest painted places in America" list. Although it is small enough to walk through, you might require a weekend or more to explore it fully. The area houses boutiques, restaurants, world-class brew pubs and several farmer markets. The amenities downtown are big and classy, but they do not make the area to lose its charm.

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

The museum contains over 1200 artifacts and five galleries. All these illustrate the medical history of the civil war. As a visitor, you will learn more on how medical care was administered to the injured during the war and the technological advancements that have taken place since then. There is also a research facility and a gift shop in the museum.

Catoctin Mountains

There are only a few places that are as splendid as these mountains. It is these mountains that once marked the Western Frontier, but is now the home to Camp David, which is the idyllic presidential retreat. Have fun fishing, hiking, taking a horseback ride or touring one of the four national parks in the Catoctins.

Local wineries

The Frederick city boasts of hosting six wineries on a 120 acre piece of land. If you are a lover of fine wine, do not leave the town without touring one or more of these wineries. You may also want to visit the county's best agricultural bounty that features beautiful vineyards.


Farm lovers also have something to enjoy when visiting Frederick County. You can pick your farm produce from the many farms and orchards in the area. One can join the hayride or harvest festival for a more engaging experience. You may also choose to hit one of the farmer's markets for a taste of local music, food and much more.

Children museum and Rose Hill Manor

Rose Hill Manor offers an insight into the early American life, agricultural history and transportation history of the Frederick County. It features a log cabin, two barns, manor house, blacksmith shop, ice house, and carriage collection. Special programs are availed for groups and children. One may also request for a guided tour.

Museum and park events

There are several family-friendly park and museum events that visitors can participate in, while visiting Frederick. Here are some of the popular annual festivals and events in the city.

Frederick restaurant week (March): the participating restaurants usually provide fixed price dinner and lunch options to entice clients to try new recipes.

Bell and history day tours (April): participating museums as well as historic sites may offer free visits, music, admissions, and special events.

Frederick festival of the arts (June): there is a juried art show at the historic downtown area, which entails food, music and art.

Frederick Fourth of July fireworks (July): the Independence day event entails a full day of fireworks and entertainment

Great Frederick fair (September): it features contests, rides, agricultural exhibits and other many family-friendly engagements

Frederick Oktoberfest (September/October): it is a German-themed fair, which entails children's events, beer, music, dances, wine and much more.

Christmas events in Frederick (December): the community celebrates this holiday season through an array of festivities.