Avoiding Stress And Tension Build-Up During The Holiday Season

Avoiding Stress And Tension Build-Up During The Holiday Season

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With the holidays and the New Year approaching, there can be a lot of stress and tension that builds up during a time meant for joy and celebration. To help with the holiday rush and the unnecessary stress that comes with it, Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria would like to offer a gift guide to help you decide what to get to relieve your tension. The usual cause of these tensions are tight muscles and a great way to relieve them at home is with a foam roller.

Benefits of Foam Roller in Alexandria VA

Foam rollers help promote blood flow to the affected area and help with the delivery of oxygen to tight muscles. When a muscle gets tight, it restricts blood flow and oxygen to the area, which causes trigger points to develop and cause pain. Foam rollers come in different sizes and textures depending on how you like to use them. A full-size foam roller is great for covering larger areas, such as the back, and for at home use. If you tend to travel a lot or like to have your own foam roller at the gym, having a half size foam roller would be more convenient to pack. A smooth textured foam roller is great for beginners since it offers a more tolerable experience especially if you have never tried foam rolling before. One with texture usually has larger ridges which help dig deeper into the muscles to reach those trigger points.

For harder to reach areas or if you want to target a smaller area, a massage ball would make a great alternative. Areas such as around the shoulders, forearms or the bottoms of the feet are great to work out with a ball. You can also use a tennis or lacrosse ball to achieve similar results.

Feel free to ask your doctor at Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria for help on how to use a foam roller or how to specifically target an area. Remember that your health is the most important thing this holiday season. We can\'t take care of others if we are unable to take care of ourselves first. Schedule your appointments early, because it\'s always easier to prevent a problem than it is to treat it.

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