Are You Running A Marathon in Woodlawn… In Your Sleep?

Are You Running A Marathon in Woodlawn... In Your Sleep?


For many people night time is not always a time of rest, at least not for their legs. Some people experience frequent leg cramping commonly known as a \"Charlie horse\" while others suffer from restless leg syndrome where their legs undergo almost constant involuntary movements. This is an extreme situation where the system that quiets the nerves in our body during sleep is not functioning properly. The result of both of these situations is often leg pain and soreness the next day as well as one very tired individual. Lack of restful sleep can lead to other health problems including heart disease and it can also increase the risk of serious injuries from incidents like falling asleep while driving.

At Barrett Family Chiropractic we can often help optimize normal nerve function by reducing nerve interference due to spinal joint dysfunction. When spinal joints are misaligned or exist in a state of dysfunction there can be a barrage of unnecessary nerve impulses which then cause problems with the muscles or how the nerves \"talk\" to the muscles. This can lead to chronic muscle cramps and it can be a cause of restless leg syndrome.

Certain vitamins and supplements can also aid in reducing night time leg symptoms thus helping you to get a good night\'s sleep with less pain. Many of us are deficient in the B Vitamins or we at least have insufficient amounts for our body to function well throughout the day. Vitamin B 12 and Folic Acid are believed to be very important in the treatment of restless leg syndrome and increasing your intake of these vitamins could help significantly. Magnesium is another supplement that is showing great promise in helping these night time leg conditions. Melatonin is a supplement that not only can help with the legs but can also help a person \"turn off\" their day and more quickly get into a restful state. Using it short term can often help you reset your wake/sleep patterns, especially for those who travel often to different time zones or for those individuals who do shift work.

The most important thing to remember when looking into any vitamin or supplement regime is to find a professional to help you decide what is best for your individual body and its needs. Also, a good quality product is very important to insure proper absorption of the vitamins and minerals you are taking. Many times there are so many binders in vitamin pills that very little of the vitamin is actually absorbed and can be used by your body.

At Barrett Family Chiropractic in Woodlawn, Maryland we carry top quality products to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Chiropractic care in Woodland can help you achieve your health goals and for many this includes nutritional support and supplementation. We would welcome your call to us at 410-265-9911 if you have any questions regarding Chiropractic care or any nutritional supplements. In fact, we look forward to hearing from you!

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