Almost Spring Time in Germantown

Chiropractic Greenbelt MD Little Girl Sneezing

It's almost Spring time here in Germantown, Maryland. Cherry Blossoms will bloom soon, along with EVERYTHING else, and people with seasonal allergies will soon be suffering.

Staying Well in Germantown

As a Doctor of Chiropractic in Germantown my goal for people is to try to be as healthy as possible naturally. I am in no way opposed to medications, but if their is a natural alternative I will discuss that with you. So for allergies there is obviously many medications that can be used, but there is an often overlooked natural remedy that may help some people to a degree: Honey! The idea is that if you consume local honey you will be exposing your body by a different pathway to the allergens that contribute your allergies. This would be a similar to the practice of vaccinations, expose your body and let it create an immune response. Now I'm not going to tell you that 100% of you will be cured of your allergies, no way!, but with honey at least you are trying a delicious alternative to medications that may make you drowsy.

And by buying local honey, you are also shopping locally and helping farms in our area!