Being Active This Summer in Alexandria

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Now that it’s summer, we are enjoying more time outside and being more active. Some of these activities may include hiking, gardening, playing sports, or anything that gets you outside and moving. However, these activities can lead to one of the most common injuries and that’s ankle sprains. On average, around 3 million people every year get a sprained ankle, with the most common ankle injury being an inversion sprain or when you end up rolling your foot and ankle inward.  See how chiropractic care in Alexandria can help you stay active this summer.

Staying Active With Chiropractic Care in Alexandria

Ankle sprains are very troublesome, because it may be difficult to walk or even bear weight after the injury. Pain, swelling and inflammation occur around the area that was injured, which affects the ligaments responsible for holding your bones in place and the tendons that hold your muscles to your bones. Self-care consists of the R.I.C.E protocol, which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This initial step will help with the swelling and reduce pain. However, specific ligaments and tendons are still injured and can be treated by a chiropractor. Your chiropractor can help you recover faster by treating the specific muscles and tendons affected, restore range of motion with mobility exercises and strengthen your ankle to help prevent injuries in the future and to get you back out there to continue enjoying your summer. So why not hobble your way to your friendly neighborhood chiropractor in Alexandria so you can walk out and enjoy the sun.